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  • Life Transitions & Changes

    “Change is the only constant.” that’s what one of my high school teachers would say way too often during my high school years. *cue to my teenage self* Yes, I was rolling my eyes in class. As you could imagine, I didn’t like change, and I didn’t like hearing it was the only thing that… Read more

  • Let’s Talk About the Importance of Self-Care

    We’ve heard “self-care” thrown around a million times in the past year alone. It may come off as cliché at this point, however, self-care holds great importance. Everybody should regularly practice self-care. We should be actively engaging in activities that help us feel restored holistically. I know it’s been said time and time again, “I… Read more

  • There is Virtue in Work, but there’s probably more in Rest.

    I’ve been working – with and without pay – in the social service/mental health field for the past 10 years. I think it’s safe to say I’ve seen and heard A LOT. Something I recognized very early on was there was a lot of burnt-out, jaded workers in the field. I was determined I wouldn’t… Read more

  • Toxic Positivity: Too much “Good Vibes Only”?

    Have you ever heard of toxic positivity? If not, it is the idea of always focusing on the “good vibes only”. You can also think of it as excessive positivity. When done constantly, it becomes the very reason we tend to invalidate our true emotions and experiences without acknowledging and exploring any underlying issues or… Read more

  • RESILIENCE: Knowing That There Is Something Inside You That is Greater Than Any Obstacle

    Given the past 2 years alone I think it’s safe to say we have all gone through failures, setbacks, and challenges.  In fact, after I get through a challenging time, I can almost guarantee that they’ll be more challenges to come in the future. Although that sounds negative, it’s also reality, and that’s life! I’m… Read more

  • Four Simple Ways To Help Manage Your Emotions Today

    Four Simple Ways To Help Manage Your Emotions Today

    There’s so much happening in the world today – recovering from a pandemic, mass shootings, wars, diseases, food crisis, and the list could really go on. Sometimes it’s hard to feel positive, happy or even to know what to do with all the emotions you’re feeling. Listen, I get it. So, I wanted to share… Read more