Things you should know about working with a Pre-Licensed Professional:

  • All interns are in their final year before graduating from their masters-level program.
  • Thus, interns have learned foundational skills and techniques to engage in clinical work. They already have at least one year of field work.
  • Additionally, these counselor-in-training are actively learning and receiving training on the latest evidenced based treatment approaches – interventions that are proven to be the most effective.
  • Their caseload is smaller than a full-time Psychotherapist, so there is an ideal focus on developing client-specific interventions for you.
  • Interns are at the start of their career, so they offer fresh, innovative perspective and valuable enthusiasm and energy within the mental health field!
  • They are receiving weekly supervision from a competent and experienced LCSW.
  • Reduced session rate: $30 per session